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AngieOhman Nutrition

Harvard Medical School Certified

Designing a Sustainable Nutrition Plan Just for You



Custom One-month Nutrition Program and Meeting with Angie

Whether it's 5 pounds, or over 100 that you'd like to lose, daily tracking and intake consistency are everything!

It's actually much more simple than you think -but most people don't know where to start,  and are thrown off by so much conflicting information online and even from Drs and nutritionists when it comes to weight-loss. 

Angie offers a very simple and easy-to-follow approach to diet for weight-loss, based on what you already eat and enjoy - with small tweaks - but major consistency is needed.

When you purchase a nutrition package from Angie, you'll get a 45 minute in-person or video chat with Angie to discuss goals and analyze your current diet, and then you'll work together to come up with a 30-day plan that's completely tailored for your goals and meal preferences. You will check-in with Angie weekly via email during the 30 days.

30-day Weight-loss diet plan including nutrition lesson with Angie: $555.00

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