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Personal Fitness/Nutrition/Life Coaching for WOMEN

One-on-One Personal Coaching with Angie

Whether you live in Los Angeles, or on the other side of the world, Angie is available for personal one-on-one live sessions via FaceTime/Zoom/Whatsapp and at her private studio in Studio City, Los Angeles California. 

Angie Ohman has been one of the best kept secrets of Hollywood's Elite women for over 15 years.


Without any advertising, Angie has gained the reputation as the "Birkin Bag" of coaches for women in Los Angeles - as getting a coveted spot on her client list takes patience and a bit of luck... and that's because she does it all herself, giving each client the attention of a master craftsman - carefully sculpting bodies and minds into complete wellness, physical shape and confidence.

Certified By Harvard Medical School in Health, Wellness and Nutrition, combined with her background as a professional dancer and over 15 years of personal training, yoga, pilates, fit boxing and weight training expertise (among other disciplines,) the knowledge and Experience Angie brings to her personal clients is hard to match.- and she leads with pure positivity, encouragement, fun and a smile. 


Specializing in weight loss and lean toning, Angie takes on each of her clients' goals and challenges as if they were her own, working alongside them one-on-one in her private LA location. She's also their nutritionist and life coach - providing them with 24/7 text support for diet and even relationship advice!

The dedication and care she gives to each of her clients has created lasting friendships and a deep trust in Angie's expertise with their physical, as well as mental wellbeing.

"Angie's Girls" have almost all met her by word-of-mouth



Angie's training style is more like a fun, motivating workout buddy than drill sergeant, so if you have been hesitant about personal training in the past, this is for you! 

This is not the trainer standing over you yelling! In fact,  Angie always works out with her clients- leading by example. She believes this method of training actually encourages you to push yourself more than you would with other training styles.


Angie considers all her clients close personal friends and truly cares about them and their progress. Your goals are Angie's goals!



Our bodies (and minds) are not built like men's. - So why would you train like a man? What works for them is not always good for us.

Angie specializes in weight loss and lean muscle development specificly for women's bodies


Besides being a personal trainer, Angie is also a sports nutritionist and former professional dancer with knowledge in many different fitness styles...and best of all she's FUN and a great friend.

From dancing to boxing and TRX, to weight training, pilates and yoga, it's a "whatever it takes" approach.

 Angie works out along side you, finding out which fitness styles you like best and what suits your fitness needs most. With so many options, your workout will never be boring! You'll sweat, you'll laugh, lift your spirits  and leave completely invigorated and motivated to push harder the next time.



Hi Ladies!! Don't be scared! Lol  This is like meeting up with your girlfriend for a fun sweat sesh! (And your girl just happens to be an expert in shaping women's bodies) :) Really though,  it will actually be fun,  nothing too heavy,  I mix it up based on what suits you (and what you're comfortable with.) As we get to know each other more, we can work on your TOTAL health and confidence in life - not just on your physical health. In session, we can talk, dance (if you like),  box, lift weights,  all the great booty lifting stuff, stretching, flowing,  partying - it's all on the menu.  I love working with women and I truly care about your results.  Once you're my client I'm available to you via text around the clock for homework,  diet advice or if u just need a friend.    Wellness is all around: physical, mental, emotional. Time to feel REALLY good in life.  I got you :)

 - Angie O. 

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